Cycle Accident Case Law

To find out how the Courts have taken a view on liability in certain different accident situations, we have looked at the decisions below. You can see the detail and review the decision on all of these cases by clicking on the category.  Remember, no two cases are the same: your case is unique, the accident circumstances are unique and each case is fact sensitive. 


Sousa v A & J Bull Ltd and William Martin Kew (2001)
Robertson v J Sidney Smith Limited (1998)
Smith v Finch
Moss v Dickson (1998)

Roads and Cycle Routes

Phethean-Hubble v Coles (2012 EWCA 349)
Billington v Maguire & Amor (2001)
Sinclair v Joyner (2015)


Garratt v Saxby (2004)
McGeer v McIntosh (2017) 
Rickson v Bhakar (2017)

Cycle Lanes

Clenshaw v Tanner (2002)
Richards v Quinten (2000) 

Parked Cars

Foster (1) V Maguire (2) Irwell Construction Ltd (2001)   
Howells V Trefigin Oil & Trefigin Quarries Ltd

Parked Lorry

Sally Nicol v Andrzej Waldemar Kupinski (2017)


David Robinson v NFU (2016)


Sandison v Coope (2016)

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