Our Testimonials

Jamie Aarons

"As my bike had taken a bad hit, I decided to get it checked and discovered the frame had been broken by the taxi door. I called the taxi driver to let him know – and that’s when he turned nasty."

Andy Shaw

"As cycling is my main form of transport, I desperately needed a new bike but who was going to pay for it? After all, I’d done nothing wrong." 

Dougie Jameson

"I was very happy with how Brenda handled my case. I always knew what was going on, any delays were fully explained and if I had any questions, Brenda was easy to contact."

Isobel Wilson

"I’m very satisfied with how Cycle Law Scotland handled my case. I was kept up to date all the way through the process and Brenda was very efficient and gave me good advice. She made me feel like a valued customer rather than a victim. No doubt about it, Brenda Mitchell provided an excellent service."

Greg Clark

"My case was handled with the utmost professionalism from the start and I’m very happy with the outcome. Lots of people don’t understand that cyclists have a unique relationship with the road and with cars but Brenda and her team completely appreciate this, which was very good for me and for my case."

Ernest Richardson

"From my first interview with Brenda Mitchell, I knew I’d made the right choice. Brenda was highly knowledgeable and very experienced in this niche area of the law and, as a cyclist herself, she knew the score. In addition, Brenda displayed a caring side and I always felt I was a person rather than simply a case number."

Niall Dobbie

"I’m 100% happy with the service I received from the team at Cycle Law Scotland. Brenda and Jodi, who dealt with my case, were so pleasant to deal with and it really helped that everyone in the team is a cyclist as they all understood what I was going through. I can highly recommend Cycle Law Scotland.”

Mairi Lafferty

"I suffered various injuries, including a grazed jaw, severely bruised knees and bruised ribs, after being knocked off my bike by a car which had turned left sharply and without indicating........in the end Cycle Law Scotland's perseverance paid off and in November 2013 the driver's insurance company offered me an out-of-court settlement for my written off bike, damage to my cycling gear, my injuries and loss of wages.......would I recommend Cycle Law Scotland to other cyclists? Absolutely!"

Bill Young

"Jodi at Cycle Law Scotland was able to settle my claim in under 6 months from the date of the collision which was incredible and my input into this was minimal during all phases."

Doug Guy

"As a cyclist involved in a serious accident, I definitely landed on my feet with Cycle Law Scotland. Highly professional, resolute and determined, they have done their absolute best for me every step of the way. I feel very fortunate and am completely satisfied with the outcome. A really great team."

Neil McDonald

"I used Cycle Law following an accident while cycling. I am extremely happy with the outcome and service I received from Cycle Law and would highly recommend them. They put my mind at ease during a stressful situation as well as obtaining a satisfactory financial settlement. Their strong and genuine sense of purpose is clearly evident."

Jennifer Wallace

"I highly recommend Cycle Law Scotland. After I was seriously injured while out cycling, Brenda and her team arranged an Immediate Needs Assessment, and the necessary rehabilitation therapies, before obtaining a full value settlement from the driver's insurers. Their expertise gave me the emotional space and time to recover and get back on the bike."

Walter Hamilton

"Superb service by cyclists for cyclists. I hope I never have to use them again but wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any cyclist involved in a traffic incident."







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