I ride too!

Jodi Gordon, Thomas Mitchell, Brenda Mitchell

A specialist legal firm is extending its car sticker campaign - ‘I ride too!’ - having already sent out over 3,000 stickers to motorcyclists and cyclists to display in the rear window of their four-wheeled vehicles.

Many owners of bikes also have cars, and the campaign by Road Traffic Accident Law (Scotland) LLP started as a simple way for motorcyclists driving their cars to be able to tell other bikers that the person in the vehicle in front is a biker too.

The ‘I ride too!’ sticker is a demonstration of friendship and respect, as well as reassurance of their consideration to their fellow two-wheeled road users.

It has proved so popular that new stickers have now been produced for cyclists to put into their cars, so that cyclists, when driving their cars, can show their fellow cyclists some much needed love on Scotland’s roads.

Now the campaign is also taking off on social media.

Earlier this month, Sir Chris Hoy called for an end to the cyclist versus motorist battle in towns and cities after warning lives are at risk.

Roz Boynton, Associate Solicitor at Road Traffic Accident Law (Scotland) LLP (RTALS), who came up with the concept explains:

“We are thrilled with the response to our car stickers and it is really encouraging to see so many car drivers wanting to get involved.

“A biker, who is also a car driver, will regularly look in their mirrors to see who is travelling behind them, give room for motorcyclists to legally filter in slow moving traffic and will be especially vigilant at roundabouts and junctions for those on two wheels. The sticker is a simple way for bikers driving their cars to be able to tell other bikers that the person in the vehicle in front is looking out for them.

“For cyclists, the “I ride too” sticker, however, is also about countering some of the negativity bike riders can feel when on the roads. As cyclists ourselves, we know the difficulties from close passes, horns blaring and drivers shouting.

“As car drivers we give cyclists full space on the road. We carry extra tubes and a track pump in our cars, just in case. But, we also want that cyclist whom we see every morning, cycling to work, rain or shine, to know that we think they are amazing. We want those cyclists we overtake to know that we didn’t mind waiting until it was safe to pass.

“We also want other drivers to know that we all ride too. We are just people – sometimes cyclists, sometimes drivers, often both in the very same day. We want to challenge the ‘us and them’ attitude and make people realise we are all fellow road users just trying to get from one place to another.”

There is no charge for the stickers but RTALS is asking those requesting the stickers to make a financial donation to Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA), the charity the firm regularly supports.

David Craig, CEO of SCAA, said,

"Motorcyclists and cyclists recognise the valuable role SCAA plays in time-critical, pre-hospital emergency care and both communities have provided vital support to our service over the years.

"The 'I Ride Too!' campaign is an innovative way to show respect between road users and we value RTALS’s generous gesture in suggesting donations for the vehicle decal stickers be made to SCAA.

"With the support of donations such as this, SCAA can be there for everyone using our roads in the future."

Stickers are available from motorcycle dealers, bicycle retailers or by contacting either Motorcycle Law Scotland (motorcycle sticker) or Cycle Law Scotland (cycle sticker) via their websites or social media channels.


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