Mystery virus hits Dave Daniell for six

It's been a tough couple of months training and then getting back on the bike. 6 weeks ago I was training and became ill with a flu-like virus.

After a few days of feeling heavy and run down, I went to the Doctors for a check up.

This is when I found out I had a Staphylococcal infection. Dave Daniell after a road ride

I went on some antibiotics for a couple of weeks that seemed to clear it up. After a couple of days rest, I started training again but still felt run down and tired all the time. I headed back to the Doctors for blood tests which showed I was running low on iron. I was told to rest up and fit more iron into my diet along with some iron tablets to boost the levels.

A few weeks later I was still not 100% so I made another visit to the Doctors for more blood tests. My iron levels had increased but they were still lower than normal.

I am currently back on the bike training and monitoring my fatigue levels to ensure I don't overdo things and get myself into a hole once more.

Training is going well again. I managed more time on the track this week and am looking to fit more in next week before the velodrome closes down for the games. The weather has been good here in Glasgow and so road rides are going really well. My body is slowly catching up with things and I look to be 100% fit again in a few weeks time.

Next month (June), I will be racing in a Keirin race with Rollapaluza in Manchester and am really looking forward to that.

I'll keep you guys up to date on the progress leading up to it.

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