Office Staff Ride to the Sun

RTTS Start at Bitts Park, Carlisle

Staff of Peebles | Edinburgh legal firm, Cycle Law Scotland (CLS), joined thousands of other intrepid cyclists on an all-night cycle from Carlisle to Cramond (23-24 June 2018).
Taking part in the unique ‘Ride to the Sun’ event which is now in its fourth year, Rod and Brenda Mitchell, Jodi Gordon and Zara Jones, who are all bike enthusiasts, completed the journey taking turns on the office tandem. 
Thomas Mitchell (#thecyclinglawyer) drove the Cycle Law Scotland ‘support vehicle’ providing help and encouragement for all cyclists on route.
The 100-mile route follows in the footsteps of the Roman legion who trudged the long road from Luguvalium (Carlisle) to the old garrison camp of Caer Amon (Cramond). Brenda and Rod completed the first 45 miles from Carlisle to Moffat. Jodi and Rod cycled the next 39 miles to Leadburn, with Rod and Zara pedaling the last 16 miles to the finish in Cramond.
CLS is aiming to cycle 1500 miles on the tandem to raise funds for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) and these 100 miles have helped greatly in reaching that target. 
Having completed their stages of the ride, Brenda and Jodi took up station at Cramond to welcome home the heroes conquering the entire route and watch the sun come up around 4am.
Rod said: “It’s a fantastic cycling event and we thought it would be great fun to make this a staff outing, with us all riding the office tandem. Thomas is unfortunately carrying an injury so couldn’t cycle, but he was there to support us as well as the other cyclists, so it was a good team effort.

“There are few opportunities to enjoy the roads when they are so quiet and to ride into Cramond as the sun was rising was amazing.”

RTTS Finish at Cramond

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