Pedal on Parliament

With Pedal on Parliament now less than two weeks away, it’s more important than ever to get PoP’s message out to as many cyclists as possible.

With over 4000 cyclists in attendance in 2013, PoP3 will be looking to build upon last year’s success and ensure their message is received, loud and clear by the Scottish government.

Moving in to their 3rd year, PoP are looking to push cycling further up the political agenda. It is this kind of sustained and enthusiastic action that pressures our government in taking positive action regarding cycling. Pedal on Parliament 2013

The Scottish Government has a vision of 10% of journeys in Scotland to made by bicycle by 2020. The figure currently stands at 1.6%, but with only a 0.1% growth in the last decade, Holyrood has plenty of work still to do, and PoP aims to make sure it gets done.

With a very inclusive ethos, PoP attracts a variety people (and their bikes) – whether it be commuters, leisure cyclists, children or club cyclists, and this diversity is reflective of PoP’s message – that cycling is for everybody. It is not just a specialist activity for a small segment of society.

Cycling is a viable and beneficial form of transport that just about anyone can use. Given that 69% of journeys in the UK are less than 5 miles, it’s clear that cycling has huge potential. Increased uptake of cycling would have numerous benefits, including less pollution, less congestion and a healthier, fitter population.

The tricky part is encouraging people out on their bikes and encouraging our government to help us out with more time, effort and money being spent on the things that cyclists need.

PoP aims to encourage the development of proper infrastructure, safer speed limits, and proper enforcement of traffic laws – including the Road Share Campaign for Presumed Liability.

We here at Cycle Law Scotland fully support PoP’s message and recognise the importance of the event.

Indeed, a good few of us will be at the Meadows on the 26th. We hope to see you there, too.

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