Dealing with Insurers

Dealing with Insurers

Why it makes sense to allow a specialist Lawyer to act on your behalf.

99.9% of our clients are more concerned with their damaged bicycle following a road traffic collision than they are with their own injuries. They want their bike repaired or replaced with minimum fuss, delay and, most importantly, without having to bear that financial cost themselves. Not entirely unreasonable, given the collision was not their fault!

There are three key reasons why it makes sense to instruct a specialist solicitor who is experienced not just in personal injury work, but specifically in cycling-related road traffic incidents.

Firstly, we deal with cycling collisions on a daily basis and we understand the law, cyclists' rights and the vulnerability that cyclists feel on Scotland’s roads. The benefit this has is that we will never question why a client was filtering when it was safe to do so, why a client was not wearing high visibility clothing when it was 2pm on a June day or challenge a client who was not wearing a helmet despite their injury being to their leg. These are all questions I have been told that clients are asked by other personal injury solicitors and rightly they are frustrated by this.

Secondly, we understand that many cyclists purchase bespoke bicycles or make adaptations to the stock bikes available online. We are therefore well equipped to argue with insurers that your Ribble sportive bicycle had an upgraded groupset and the online price of a stock model does not accurately reflect the value of the bicycle written off by their negligent driver’s actions.

And finally, we understand and encourage the importance of early rehabilitation because we know just how important it is for our clients to return to cycling as soon as possible. Furthermore, we know how frustrating it can be not being able to exercise or engage in their hobbies. It is for this reason that we will always request funded rehabilitation from insurers as early as is reasonable and encourage the instruction of sports physiotherapists where necessary.


Jodi Gordon - Cycling Lawyer

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