Pace Rehabilitation

As specialist Lawyers representing vulnerable road users (motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians) injured in road traffic collisions, it is vitally important that we keep up to date with the products and services which are available to support those who have been seriously injured following a road traffic incident especially if they have lost a limb.

Pace Rehabilitation Presentation
To that end, we recently invited Pace Rehabilitation to come up to our offices and talk with our solicitors and support team about the products and services they offer.

Pace Rehabilitation was established in 2003 and is the UK’s largest independent prosthetic rehabilitation company providing prosthetic limbs to people who have experienced limb loss through life changing trauma or illness. Scott Richardson and Toby Carlson discussed the services Pace offers as well as the process of engagement and assessment of client needs.

The trialling of prosthetic limbs is important when testing to see which is best for a particular patient. Presenting the case for a prosthetic limb which shows both good movement and is comfortable for the patient makes it difficult for an insurer to deny appropriate funding.

Glenn Johnstone on Bicycle

Glenn Johnstone, a patient of Pace Rehabilitation, had joined Scott and Toby for the presentation. Due to illness, Glenn had an elective above knee amputation to his right leg to save his life. Prior to the surgery, he was an extremely keen mountain biker. He approached Pace Rehabilitation and together they worked to ensure Glenn was still able to continue riding his mountain bike. He has been provided with a prosthetic limb specially designed to enable him to stand on his pedals and ride through the forest. He explained that the care he has received through Pace has enabled him to continue to lead a life as similar to what it was prior to the surgery.

The following video shows Glenn demonstrating the flexibility of his prosthetic which enables him to ride both mountain bikes and road bikes comfortably.

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