Thomas's top tips for cyclists

Thomas Mitchell, one of our cycling solicitors, has had his fair share of crashes over the years, mostly due to trees which don't move and rocks which get in the way. However, skills learned riding as an enduro mountain bike rider are readily transferable to the roads.
He has taken a few minutes to record this video and share a few tips which might just keep you safe out there on the roads.
First up, always ride defensively. All other motorised road users are going to be bigger and heavier than you are, so give way, plan for the 'what if' moment and don't assume they will have seen you on the road.
#Tip 1 - when approaching pinch points such as roundabouts or junctions, always try and get eye contact with the driver and watch for any movement of the vehicle's wheels. Always assume they will not see you.
#Tip 2 - keep your head up, look around you and look ahead so that you can anticipate any hazard and plan for how you might deal with it.
#Tip 3 - cover your brakes so that you can quickly and easily slow down or stop if you need to.
Most of all though, have fun and enjoy your riding!

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