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When Cycle for Carers and free face protection versatoobs come together nicely.

Published on:2020-05-04

In my experience, the way drivers treat me when I am riding my bicycle seems to vary depending upon the bike I am riding and also what clothes I am wearing.

Published on:2019-09-24

Legislation is needed now to protect at-risk road users. Road safety must be improved if more people are to be persuaded to walk or cycle instead of using the car.

Published on:2019-05-13

Frances Darling, Sally Low's sister, delivers two key messages during Road Safety Week - BIKE SMART

Published on:2018-11-19

The Just Eat Cycles bike hire scheme in Edinburgh is greatly welcomed whilst long overdue. However, better infrastructure and presumed liability are also needed to enable development of a cycling friendly culture.

Published on:2018-09-20

Insurance for cyclists is not the answer. Collisions between cyclists and pedestrians are infrequent. Risk is low. Common sense and respect for those more vulnerable than yourself will go a long way.

Published on:2018-05-02

Due to a lack of investment and inadequate repair, the state of the Nation's roads has deteriorated to a level never seen before. A long-term investment plan is urgently needed to reduce the inevitable rise in serious injuries and fatalities. 

Published on:2018-03-12

New research explains why cyclists can enter a driver's field of vision but still go unseen—a phenomenon known as “inattentional blindness”.

Published on:2018-01-24

A local cyclist, who sustained a fractured skull after falling from her bike, has spoken of her anger at Scottish Borders Council for failing to fix the path where she suffered her horrendous accident.


Published on:2017-06-13

Carol Boardman, the mother of Olympic gold medalist and UK cycling advocate, Chris Boardman is tragically killed following a hit and run incident.

Published on:2016-07-19
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