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Legislation is needed now to protect at-risk road users. Road safety must be improved if more people are to be persuaded to walk or cycle instead of using the car.

Published on:2019-05-13

Specialist cycling Lawyer, Roz Boynton, provides her top 5 tips for a cycling training camp.

Published on:2019-03-14

Cycle Law Scotland's tandem challenge raised funds for SCAA whilst fostering trust, teamwork and communication.

Published on:2019-01-22

Altering Scotland’s car culture is going to be hard, but it is beginning to happen.

Published on:2018-11-02

The three key things you need in order to create a successful tandem partnership; trust, teamwork and communication.

Published on:2018-09-25

The Just Eat Cycles bike hire scheme in Edinburgh is greatly welcomed whilst long overdue. However, better infrastructure and presumed liability are also needed to enable development of a cycling friendly culture.

Published on:2018-09-20

Workmates walk, run, swim and cycle for better health and their employer donates money to SCAA (Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance).


Published on:2016-10-17

An evaluation of plans for updating Glasgow's cycling infrastructure.

Published on:2014-09-04

Instead of drastic, short term measures, the government should be prioritising any and all courses of actions which promote active travel.

Published on:2014-04-04

More is being called to encourage active travel such as walking and cycling.

Published on:2014-04-03

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