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Cycle Law Scotland's tandem challenge raised funds for SCAA whilst fostering trust, teamwork and communication.

Published on:2019-01-22

Frances Darling, Sally Low's sister, delivers two key messages during Road Safety Week - BIKE SMART

Published on:2018-11-19

Altering Scotland’s car culture is going to be hard, but it is beginning to happen.

Published on:2018-11-02

Legal Firm's Campaign to show friendship and love on the roads building on calls from Sir Chris Hoy to end the 'motorist v cyclist' conflict.

Published on:2018-10-24

The three key things you need in order to create a successful tandem partnership; trust, teamwork and communication.

Published on:2018-09-25

The Just Eat Cycles bike hire scheme in Edinburgh is greatly welcomed whilst long overdue. However, better infrastructure and presumed liability are also needed to enable development of a cycling friendly culture.

Published on:2018-09-20

For solicitors like me, who represent people who have often had life-changing injuries or lost loved ones, if there is to be a charter for greater road safety, then tinkering around the edges will not work.

Published on:2018-09-10

There isn't going to be a ‘quick fix’ to the gender gap when it comes to cycling. A lot needs to be done when it comes to our infrastructure and also road users’ attitude towards cyclists. 

Published on:2018-08-24

This blog is about how Insurance companies have presented arguments in Courts in relation to personal injury claims and specifically in relation to contributory negligence.

Published on:2018-07-11

The current disconnect between Criminal and Civil law has to change so that the victim is protected as opposed to the accused. Presumed liability has an important role to play in making that happen.

Published on:2018-05-29
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