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This blog is about how Insurance companies have presented arguments in Courts in relation to personal injury claims and specifically in relation to contributory negligence.

Published on:2018-07-11

The current disconnect between Criminal and Civil law has to change so that the victim is protected as opposed to the accused. Presumed liability has an important role to play in making that happen.

Published on:2018-05-29

Victim’s story highlights the shortcomings of the current fault-based system, as she comes through 18 month nightmare

Published on:2016-12-12

A cyclist has secured £17,000 in damages after a van pulled across his path, despite the driver’s attempts to discredit his version of events.

Published on:2016-05-25

Presumed liability for Scotland's vulnerable road users would prevent unnecessary 'David v Goliath" battles.

Published on:2015-11-10

A complaint brought by 67 year old cyclist, Alexander Gibson, against Police Scotland for failing to investigate a road traffic collision that put him in hospital has been upheld by the Chief Inspector of South Highland Area Command.

Published on:2015-09-10

Getting the registration number of the other car involved in the collision is the most important thing to remember.

Published on:2014-03-26

"See cyclist, Think horse"?


Brenda Mitchell is not so sure.

Published on:2014-01-30

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