Latest News posted in April 2014

A FOI request reveals that few motorists are made to face court proceedings following a collision with a cyclist, raising questions over whether or not the criminal justice system is doing enough to protect vulnerable road users.

Published on:2014-04-25

Road Share group announces the formation of a steering group designed to research the benefits of civil law reform on road safety and calling on MSPs in the Scottish Parliament to support its efforts to bring a Member’s Bill before Holyrood.

Published on:2014-04-21

New research indicates that cycling is not dangerous; a minority of bad drivers are responsible for causing road traffic collisions.

Published on:2014-04-21

Road Share, the campaign to introduce a system of presumed liability into Scottish Civil Law is celebrating its first year anniversary.

Published on:2014-04-16

A look at the upcoming 2014 Pedal On Parliament event.

Published on:2014-04-15

Instead of drastic, short term measures, the government should be prioritising any and all courses of actions which promote active travel.

Published on:2014-04-04

More is being called to encourage active travel such as walking and cycling.

Published on:2014-04-03

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