Alice Lesley

"I was hit in full daylight by a car whilst waiting at a junction to turn into a side road. The car was pulling out of the side road and drove into me.

I sustained fractures of my cheek bones and fractures of my eye socket.

The driver accepted liability and initially pled 'guilty' to a charge brought by the police of driving without due care and attention. However the driver later plead 'not guilty' and so I was called, along with two witnesses to testify in Court.

However, the case was settled a few minutes before we were due in court. The driver was given a 4 point penalty and fined approximately £150.

I felt that this did not at all account for what had happened and actually seemed rather like my accident had been dismissed as inconsequential. It further bothered me that the driver had decided on a plea of 'not guilty' having been initially so apologetic.

I then decided to proceed with a Civil claim. Jodi was very professional, helpful and the process was remarkably straightforward. The claim was then settled with the insurance company of the driver. I would very much recommend Cycle Law Scotland."

Alice Lesley

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