Andy Kitchin

Andy Kitchin

Cycle Law Scotland made the process of obtaining compensation following a cycling accident very simple for me.

I was knocked off my bike when, having already done a 'close pass', a driver then swerved across my path and braked hard.

I hit the kerb, the car's wing mirror and then was thrown over my handlebars, landing in the road in front of the car.

I sustained cuts and bruises and whiplash to my neck, both my wheels were buckled beyond repair and my cycling jacket torn.

I was nervous about the pursuing legal action, but really did not want to let the driver away with what, in my opinion, was a deliberate, aggressive and dangerous act. I also did not want to be out of pocket on the damage caused to my bike and clothing.

My experience with Cycle Law Scotland has been excellent and despite the driver's insurers initially rejecting the claim, CLS pursued it further and the insurers subsequently accepted liability.

The payment covered my costs and the added compensation for my injuries was a welcome bonus.

CLS have communicated clearly and been fully supportive throughout.

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