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"I was only two minutes from home when a car hit my bike.

I’d spotted the car approaching the junction but, as I had the right of way and the car was slowing down, I wasn’t too concerned – until the split second when I realised the car had accelerated and a collision was unavoidable.

Immediately after the accident, the driver, who was very apologetic, claimed he hadn’t seen me. My wrecked Giant race bike, ripped cycling jacket, damaged top-of-the-range helmet and various injuries, including damaged knee ligaments, were the direct consequence of his carelessness.

As cycling is my main form of transport, I desperately needed a new bike but who was going to pay for it? After all, I’d done nothing wrong. And how about my cycling gear, the travel expenses I was racking up, the physiotherapy I needed and the injuries I’d sustained, which left me on crutches for over four weeks and unable to do things with my kids?

I decided to find out more about seeking accident compensation and, whenever I spoke to Brenda Mitchell at Cycle Law Scotland, I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing. Brenda detailed the ins and outs of raising a compensation case, including the legal costs, which, until she explained that Cycle Law Scotland works on a no-win, no-fee basis, had been worrying me. Brenda also understood cycling. Brenda knew about the type of helmet I’d been wearing, she had an idea of the cost of my bike.

However, what impressed me most about Brenda was her clarity and her honesty – I always felt Brenda was on my side.

As my case progressed, Brenda kept me fully informed and I soon received an interim offer to cover the cost of replacing my bike and my cycling gear, which was enough to get me back on the road. Brenda had warned me that my injuries claim might take longer but I soon received a good offer for this claim too.

I was delighted with the total amount of compensation I received - and very impressed that it was all wrapped up in only four months. I’d definitely recommend Cycle Law Scotland’s Brenda Mitchell to other cyclists who have been injured in an accident through no fault of their own.”


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