Case Study | Testimonial

Several months after suffering a serious injury as a result of being hit by a car when cycling to work, one of my colleagues suggested I contact Brenda Mitchell at Cycle Law Scotland. That was an excellent suggestion.

The accident wasn’t my fault and, along with damage to my expensive bike and protective cycling gear, I’d fractured my right wrist severely. I had to have the fracture realigned, followed by further surgery to have my wrist plated and pinned.  Unfortunately, one of the pins went through the joint, resulting in a loss of flexibility and considerable additional pain and suffering.

My damaged wrist called a halt to so many aspects of my life. As well as being one of my main modes of transport, cycling was my hobby but I could no longer do this. I’ve played golf since I was 12 and have a handicap of six but my movement was now very restricted and it was always painful. My other hobby – motorcycling - was also out as I needed my right hand for the throttle and brake.

The accident also had an impact on my present and future employment prospects. I’m a full time police motorcyclist, a job I’m passionate about, but I’ll now have to spend my last three years of service in the office. And my retirement plan of opening a motorcycle training school was no longer an option, unless I employed other people to do the on-bike training.

At the time, I was unable to drive so Brenda visited me at home and explained the process we’d follow if I decided to proceed with my personal injury compensation claim for damages arising out of the accident. We also discussed the strategy Brenda had in mind and the timescales involved. Right from the beginning, everything was very clear. 

I was very happy with how Brenda handled my case. I always knew what was going on, any delays were fully explained and if I had any questions, Brenda was easy to contact. In fact, the whole process was painless and when my case was settled in the Court of Session, I was extremely happy with the sum I received.

I’d strongly advise any cyclist who’s been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t their fault to get in touch with Cycle Law Scotland.