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I was knocked off my bike when crossing a roundabout. I had right of way and had made eye contact with the driver of the car approaching from the left but, as I moved into the left hand lane, this car hit me from behind. My bike went under the car, I was thrown onto the windscreen before falling onto the road and, although I managed to pull my legs away, the car went over my right ankle. 

Luckily, nothing was broken but I had to hobble around for six weeks and my bike, clothing and i-phone were badly damaged. Worst of all, I lost my confidence when cycling. Until then, I’d been cycling over 20 miles at least five days a week but the accident totally freaked me out and, as a result, my lifestyle changed completely. 

As I was totally blameless, I looked online for a legal company who could help me claim compensation – and found Cycle Law Scotland. I knew instantly that this was a company with cyclists’ interests at heart, which has certainly been backed up by how my case was handled by Brenda Mitchell and her team, who are all cyclists. 

Brenda understood that my main complaint was that I could longer enjoy something that had been a central part of my life. So, as well as arranging for my physical injuries to be examined by a doctor, Brenda also arranged for a report to be carried out by a psychologist, who found that I’d been left with a very rational fear of junctions. 

The process took over a year but Brenda had warned me this would be the case and she kept me up to date with the progress of my claim all the way through. After turning down the initial offer at the end of May 2013, the driver’s insurance company made a good offer, which I accepted.

My case was handled with the utmost professionalism from the start and I’m very happy with the outcome. Lots of people don’t understand that cyclists have a unique relationship with the road and with cars but Brenda and her team completely appreciate this, which was very good for me and for my case.


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