Isobel Wilson

Case Study | Testimonial

“On November 9, 2013, I was cycling in Glasgow when a driver in a parked car threw open his car door and knocked me off my bike.

I suffered whiplash and bruising down the left side of my body where I’d been struck by the door. I also damaged my right wrist, which still causes me problems.

After treatment at the roadside by paramedics, I returned home and decided to find out if I was entitled to compensation. There had to be something I could do.

I searched online for a Scottish law firm specialising in cycle accidents and, luckily for me, found Cycle Law Scotland.

The next morning, I spoke to Brenda Mitchell from Cycle Law Scotland, who arranged to meet me at the company’s Glasgow office. After I explained what had happened, Brenda felt I had a good cause for compensation. Brenda contacted the driver’s insurance company and they quickly offered to pay for the damage to my bike and loss of use while it was being repaired.

I accepted this offer and, just before Christmas, Brenda told me that the driver’s insurance company had made an offer in regard to compensation for my injuries. However, as I was still in constant pain from my injured wrist, which was making it difficult for me to do everyday things, such as chop vegetables or shift the gears on my bike, Brenda advised me to wait a few weeks before making a decision.

At the start of 2013, I was still in pain so Brenda arranged for me to undergo a medical examination by an independent expert. As a result of the expert’s findings, the driver’s insurance company increased the amount of compensation on offer to what Brenda and I felt was a satisfactory amount.

I’m very satisfied with how Cycle Law Scotland handled my case. I was kept up to date all the way through the process and Brenda was very efficient and gave me good advice. She made me feel like a valued customer rather than a victim. No doubt about it, Brenda Mitchell provided an excellent service.

I think that, because Brenda’s a cyclist, she understands cycling, cycle accidents and how drivers react to cyclists, which made such a difference. She’s also doing fantastic campaigning work to improve cycling safety.”



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