Jim Condie"After a harrowing accident involving a badly-maintained cycle path, and me waking up in hospital with severe head injuries and no recollection of what had happened, it was suggested I contact Cycle Law Scotland.

I'm very glad I did. They advised me we should sue Glasgow City Council, whose responsibility it is to maintain these paths but, in this case, had failed to do so, despite several previous complaints about what turned out to be a dangerous tree-root which had distorted the path.

The two cyclists who found me unconscious on the path had told my wife of this situation. Before our first meeting, Jodi asked me if I could send her a photograph of the defective path, which I did. At our meeting, about 2 days later, she asked me if it would be possible for me to go back and take some more photos of the surrounding landscape.
To my surprise, when I returned to the scene, I found the defect had been repaired and all the surrounding vegetation removed - this was within 2 weeks of my accident but prior to them being contacted by CLS.

I had a suspicion that they were very likely trying to cover up their shortcomings, but Jodi assured me that, due to FOI rules, which meant we could see exactly what history there was regarding this defect, this only strengthened our case as it amounted to an admission of guilt!
So, having told me that, in her opinion, we had a very good chance of winning our case, but that I should be prepared for a lengthy wait, she went ahead with legal proceedings against the Council. 

She arranged for me to see a neurologist and a maxillofacial specialist in order to assess my injuries - all at CLS' expense - and gave me what I thought were very fair fee terms in the circumstances.

As a result of her thoroughness and persistence, and because some of my injuries (such as the loss of my sense of smell, damage to my vision) appear to be permanent, the Council eventually made me a very reasonable settlement.

I can't recommend the services of CLS highly enough - a huge thank you to Jodi and her team."

Jim Condie