Case Study | Testimonial

"I suffered various injuries, including a grazed jaw, severely bruised knees and bruised ribs, after being knocked off my bike by a car which had turned left sharply and without indicating.

“I’m a keen cyclist. At that point, I cycled to and from work every day, I cycled to do my shopping, I cycled to visit friends. As a result of the accident, I lost my main mode of transport - my bike, an old racer which I’d fixed up myself and which was now written off.

“When my sister heard what had happened to me, she contacted Cycle Law Scotland. Brenda Mitchell then got in touch with me and explained that Cycle Law Scotland provided specialist legal advice in situations such as mine. Jodi Gordon, another member of the Cycle Law Scotland team, then looked over my case and outlined my options.  
“My main aim was to recover the cost of my bike. The idea of general compensation had not crossed my mind. However, I couldn’t work as a result of my injuries so my loss of earnings and impact on my day-to-day life was far greater than I’d anticipated.  When discussing this with Jodi, she was very patient and talked the situation through with me. In the end, I decided to go ahead with my compensation claim.
“Jodi looked after my case and supported me through the process with great integrity. She kept in touch with developments and encouraged me to contact her with any questions at any time. Communication was consistent and she would update me as to any processes that were still underway. The process itself was entirely transparent from my point of view and I felt in control of the situation - very important after the accident.
“It took a year and three months for my claim to be settled as the driver initially proved difficult to find - the possibility of which had been explained to me from the outset. In the end, Cycle Law Scotland’s expertise and perseverance paid off and in November 2013, the driver’s insurance company offered me an out-of-court settlement for my written-off bike, damage to my cycling gear, my injuries and loss of wages, which I accepted.
“Would I recommend Cycle Law Scotland to other cyclists? Absolutely!”