Case Study | Testimonial 

I’m a very experienced cyclist and have worked as a bicycle tour guide in the UK, Europe and China. In the 20 to 30 years I’ve been cycling, I’ve been knocked off my bike a number of times but I never thought about claiming compensation – until I was knocked off my bike by a car turning left across my path.

I suffered soft tissue injuries to my chest and ribs and general bruising down the right hand side of my body. This not only meant that I had to take a few weeks off work but also that I had to turn down two bicycle tour guide jobs in France. Even worse, my antique race bike was irreparably damaged.

The driver was very nice about what had happened but that didn’t change the fact that he was driving irresponsibly or that I was in pain and my irreplaceable bike had been wrecked.

I came across Cycle Law Scotland on the internet. I liked the fact that Cycle Law Scotland was specifically about cycling and run by cyclists. However, as I still hadn’t made up my mind about whether to seek compensation, I had a chat with friends who are also cyclists and the general consensus was that I should claim, not so much for the money but more to highlight the dangers of cycling.

I called Cycle Law Scotland and after taking all my details, they said to let them get on with it – which I did!

My case was settled five weeks ago and I’m very happy with the outcome – especially as it’s enabled me to get my bike resprayed so it at least looks good, even if the dents can’t be repaired. Psychologically, it also helped that I was able to do something about what happened to me, especially as I wasn’t to blame for the accident.

I’m 100% happy with the service I received from the team at Cycle Law Scotland. Brenda and Jodi, who dealt with my case, were so pleasant to deal with and it really helped that everyone in the team is a cyclist as they all understood what I was going through. I can highly recommend Cycle Law Scotland.”