Paul Corr

"First class service.

I'm in the unfortunate position of twice being knocked off my bike.

The first time, I went with a well-known law firm who charge no fee and promise you an expert but they didn't know basic cycling terminology and the lawyer even asked me if I was allowed to be cycling on that road (who is the expert then?).

The second time, a friend recommend I go with Cycle Law Scotland as they had been extremely helpful with his case. So I did.

Cycle Law Scotland, on the other hand, know all the cycling terminology, but more importantly they know the law and they know how much you are due.

They do charge a fee (taken from your pay-out), but please believe me, this is reasonable and is money well spent.

I would never go with one of the "free" law firms again as it's false economy and the difference in the service you receive is shocking.

If you are unlucky enough to require a law firm, don't go elsewhere; Cycle Law Scotland is the answer."