Lightning strikes twice

When we have concluded a client's case, we often say that we hope they won’t need our services again. Unfortunately, however, too often we do have repeat clients. Whilst we’re always sad to hear that they need our help again, it’s pleasing to know that they were happy with our service and wish to use us again.  
Roz Boynton, our Aberdeen based solicitor, acted for Derek in respect of a cycling accident in July 2021.  He had been out cycling near his home when a car travelling in the opposite direction started to overtake a line of traffic.  Faced with an oncoming vehicle, Derek had to take a dive onto the grassy verge to his left to avoid a collision.  You can read our case study and watch the video of the incident here.

Accidents like Derek’s are relatively unusual thankfully and it is not one of the common incidents that we see here at Cycle Law Scotland. So, you can imagine our surprise when Derek called Roz in February 2023 to say, “You’ll never believe this but it’s happened again!” Not only was Derek involved in another cycling incident, but it happened in exactly the same manner and fortunately was again caught on his action camera! 

Derek suffered nasty soft tissue injuries and needed to attend the local hospital. His bicycle was damaged requiring new wheels and parts. We were able to identify the driver’s motor insurers from the registration number and intimate the claim. Liability was quickly admitted on behalf of the driver who explained he didn’t see Derek because it was a sunny day and the sun was in his eyes. We would suggest that if you can’t see whilst driving, you certainly shouldn’t be overtaking!!

As liability was admitted, we were able to secure funding for Derek to get physiotherapy treatment to help him get back on the bike. Once his treatment was complete, we obtained specialist medical evidence on his injuries and were able to negotiate a settlement for him which he was satisfied with. 

Derek had this to say about the service he received this time around from Cycle Law Scotland:-

"They couldn't have been more helpful. I will use again if I ever need to. A professional and friendly service. Highly recommended."


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