Negligent Motorist

There are many risks involved in cycling and a considerable number of these risks are the result of the actions of negligent motorists. 

For all road users, it’s vital to complete full observations before carrying out any manoeuvre or getting out of a vehicle. One of the most common accidents involving cyclists occurs when a motorist opens the door of their vehicle without first checking for oncoming traffic. Motorists making a manoeuvre without checking their mirrors may not spot a cyclist alongside their vehicle. In town and cities, in order to allow traffic to flow freely, cyclists often have to take up a road position close to the off-side of parked vehicles, placing them at increased risk of an accident involving busy commercial drivers who have double parked to make a quick delivery and taxi drivers executing u-turns to collect a fare. 

Accidents happen - which is why motorists must have insurance that will cover them if they cause an accident. If you have been injured as a result of an accident involving another vehicle, you must report the accident to the police and the police should attend the accident scene. Even if you were unable to obtain the details of the person at fault, if you were taken to hospital as a result of the accident, we would be able to make enquiries with the police to obtain the third party’s full name, address and insurance details.

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