Client Videos

Philippe's Story

Recovery from psychological trauma can be just as important as recovery from physical injuries. Early rehabilitation is key for both. Watch the video and hear from CLS specialist cycling Lawyer, Jodi Gordon, the psychologists, Alison Harper and Helen Wilson and Philippe, the cyclist. 

Dougie's story

Dougie and his specialist cycling Lawyer, Jodi, share the story of Dougie's dooring incident which knocked him off his bike, broke his finger and damaged his shoulder. They talk about the battle with the driver's insurance company to secure compensation for his injury, damage and loss.

George's story

Cyclist, George Popp, and specialist cycling Lawyer, Jodi Gordon, review George's cycling collision, his personal injuries, financial loss, and damage to his bike. They discuss rehabilitation and the focus on getting George back on his bike which was key to his mental recovery.

Paul's Story

Paul was involved in a road traffic collision on his bicycle. Unfortunately for Paul, this was the second time he had been injured but instead of contacting British Cycling, a friend told him to contact our specialist cycling Lawyers. Paul shares his experience.