I ride too

For too long, cyclists have been treated as some sort of societal outgroup. There is an ‘us and them’ culture causing sharp debate at any suggestion of sharing the road.

A quick look at any public post on social media referring to cyclists shows the depth of hatred that some cyclists face.

As cyclists ourselves, we know the difficulties we face being out on the road; close passes, horns blaring, drivers shouting. It’s easy to feel hated.

It’s often difficult for us, as car drivers to show cyclists some love.

We give cyclists full space on the road. We pass ridiculously wide. We carry extra tubes and a track pump in our cars, just in case. But, we also want that lady cyclist that we see every morning, cycling to work, rain or shine, to know that we think she’s amazing. We want those cyclists we overtake to know that we didn’t mind waiting until it was safe to pass.

We also want other drivers to know that we all ride too. We are just people – sometimes cyclists, sometimes drivers, often both in the very same day. We want to challenge the ‘us and them’ attitude. We want other drivers to know we pay our road tax, not that it even exists!

Bring on the 'I ride too' campaign. 

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These rear car window stickers are available upon request and at events we attend. If you would like one, please email your address and we'll pop one in the post to you.

We would love to see these appear on car windows across Scotland showing that there really is a culture of road sharing out there and it is only a minority who choose to ignore it.

We don't charge for these stickers but if you would like to make a small donation to our nominated charity, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) that would be most welcome. 



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