Cycle Law Scotland has been responsible for initiating a number of campaigns including:- 

Cycle for Carers

Road Share Campaign for Presumed Liability

Near Misses Campaign

Cycle Law Scotland supports other campaign groups across Scotland and brings a commercial voice to the table. 

Other Campaign Groups

Spokes - Lothian Cycle Campaign Group

Pedal on Parliament Campaign Group

Go-Bike Campaign group

Cycle for Carers

Cycle for Carers Cover Profile

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER…with cycling being one of the recommended methods of exercise during this Corona Virus lockdown, we thought it was a great opportunity to pull the cycling community together and support our fantastic NHS trhough raising funds for NHS Charities Together.

Like the Run for Heroes fundraiser, the concept is simple, cycle 5+ km, donate £5 and then nominate 5 others to do the same.Cycle for Carers Logo

It is important to adhere to the Government guidance and social distancing, of course. We might not be able to cycle together but we can rally together and support those that need it most whilst enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.

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Cycle Law Scotland believes in actively campaigning to ensure that Scotland's roads become a safer place for vulnerable road users. 

Road Share Campaign for Presumed Liability

Road Share Campaign Logo

Brenda Mitchell from Cycle Law Scotland founded the Road Share Campaign which seeks to introduce presumed liability onto Scotland's roads and bring some legal protection to all vulnerable road users. More detail about the campaign, its Steering group and supporters can be found at here >>>>

Near Misses

Many cycling collisions go unreported because the cyclist is not too badly injured and his/her bike is not damaged. Emergency services are not called to attend the scene and both parties continue on their way. There are, however, probably a significantly higher number of incidences where a potential collision is narrrowly avoided and contact between a cyclist and a motor vehicle does not actually take place. It is important to try and measure how often this happens and so we created a survey so that cyclists could tell us. Sally Low had a near miss but two days later she was tragically killed. You can read what Sally said and complete the survey here >>>>

Spokes - Lothian Cycle Campaign

Spokes Logo

Spokes is the Lothian Cycle Campaign – a non party political voluntary organisation, founded in 1977, and now with a membership of over 1000.

SPOKES has a long history of effective campaigning for better conditions for cyclists, especially in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Whilst still far from European conditions or numbers, Edinburgh has seen improving onroad and offroad cycling infrastructure, and accelerating growth in cycle use – at the same time that cycle use was flat or declining in most of the UK. When Spokes began, cycle commuting was 1% of all trips. In 2011 it was 7% (+ or – 2%) according to the Scottish Household Survey.

Spokes Objectives

  • To promote cycling, as part of a sustainable transport and access strategy, and to ensure that councils and government actively do the same.
  • To publicise the benefits of cycling for the community and individuals – like walking, it is cheap, efficient, enjoyable, healthy, non-polluting and intrinsically safe.

 Pedal on Parliament

pedal on parliament

Pedal on Parliament are seeking support for an 8 point manifesto for a cycle friendly Scotland.

These points are:

1. Proper funding for cycling.

2. Design cycling into Scotland’s roads.

3. Slower speeds where people live, work and play.

4. Integrate cycling into local transport strategies.

5. Improved road traffic law and enforcement.

6. Reduce the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians.

7. A strategic and joined-up programme of road user training.

8. Improved statistics supporting decision making and policy.

Cycle Law Scotland supports POP and attends its annual mass cycling demonstration ride (3-4000 cyclists) to Holyrood from the Meadows at the end April each year.

Go Bike Campaign

Go Bike Logo

The Go Bike campaign exists to promote cycling in the Strathclyde area of Scotland, and is active mainly within Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, and East Renfrewshire. Cycle Law Scotland support its activities and is a member.

20's plenty

20s Plenty Logo

Cycle Law Scotland is an active supporter of the National 20s Plenty Group. Along with the introduction of presumed liability, it is the other key change which could dramatically reduce the number of killed and seriously injured cyclists and pedestrians on Britain's roads. Edinburgh will shortly be implementing 20mph restrictions on all roads within the city other than the main arterial routes. Glasgow is pushing to have the same and there is a wider push for the Scottish Government to support this as the default speed limit which will greatly increase speed of change and implmentation for Local Authorities. They would then have the ability to increase speed on main routes where they see fit.

Space for cycling

Space for Cycling LogoCTC's national Space for Cycling campaign aims to create the conditions where anyone can cycle anywhere.

Cycle-friendly streets are the life-blood of safe, pleasant and healthy communities. They are good for everybody's quality of life, whether or not they chose to cycle.

You can help create Space for Cycling by calling on your Councillors to pledge their support for high standards of cycle-friendly planning and design, and the funding needed to deliver this. Cycling needs to become a safe, convenient and enjoyable option for people of all ages and backgrounds, for any local journey.

What Space for Cycling means will depend on the location, with different solutions for major and minor roads and junctions, in urban and rural areas alike. In general though, the answers are covered by the Space for Cycling campaign's 6 themes

  • Protected space on main roads
  • Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
  • Lower speed limits
  • Cycle-friendly town centres
  • Safe routes to school
  • Routes through green spaces

Give everyone cycle space

Give space for Cycling CampaignGive Everyone Cycle Space is a Cycling Scotland campaign to encourage more people to cycle. It aims to create high levels of driver awareness around people on bikes to make Scotland’s roads more cycle friendly. Rule 163 of the Highway code states that drivers should give vulnerable road users as much space as they would a car when passing.



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