Group Riding

Group Riding

Cyclists frequently travel in groups, whether as friends enjoying a day in the country or, for more serious cyclists, perhaps on a long distance ride or taking part in a road race. Cyclists travelling in groups can find themselves involved in accidents through no fault of their own as motorists become impatient or attempt to pass without leaving sufficient room.

When two or more cyclists travelling together are involved in a collision with another vehicle, if the cyclists are at fault, it’s often very difficult to ascertain which cyclist is to blame – or how much liability should be apportioned to each.

At Cycle Law Scotland, we have the legal and cycling expertise to provide cyclists in a situation like this with the legal advice and representation they require. Accidents happen. No one intends to cause an accident. We can investigate fully your prospects of success in any claim and, more importantly, investigate whether there’s insurance cover in place to cover any award of compensation.

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