No Win No Fee

If you’ve been involved in a cycle accident and have been injured, you need advice from a lawyer to help you claim for any injury and loss.

Many people worry about seeking help from a lawyer because of the costs involved but at Cycle Law Scotland we can remove that worry.

Cycle Law Scotland operates on a "no win no fee" basis.

CyclistWe will fund your case. You will not have to put your hand in your pocket to pay for medical reports, police statements, re-construction accident reports and all the other outlays which must be incurred to enable us to investigate and present your case. If your case is settled without going to Court, we recover the outlays from the third party insurer so no charge is made to you for these expenses.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to raise Court Proceedings. For example, there can be a dispute over how the incident happened or an offer made in settlement might be too low. 

However, with Cycle Law Scotland’s unique approach of offering clients legal expense protection, you don’t need to worry about funding your case or what might happen should you lose your case.

If you lose the case, you simply “walk away”, with No legal fees to pay and No liability for the other side’s legal costs.

Upon successful conclusion, we will charge a success fee that is capped at 15% of your damages (inclusive of VAT). Our success fee reduces depending on the award of compensation and your bicycle, helmet and cycling clothing are ring fenced from the success fee, so that you will receive 100% of what is recovered for you for those losses.

Many solicitors appointed by insurance companies say they don’t take a success fee, but what incentive is there to properly investigate your case? You can you be sure that with us your claim will be fully investigated and you will receive the best possible award of compensation.

We offer a risk free, personal injury service, tailored to suit you and at no cost to you.





We cover the whole of Scotland and have solicitors based in the Borders, Central Belt and Aberdeen

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