Fracture Injury

Doctor with X-Ray

A fracture, or broken bone, is frequently the result of a high force impact – such as being thrown from your cycle after being hit by a fast moving vehicle or falling off your bike at speed as a result of a defective road surface.

There are many different types of fracture, which are broadly classified into  ’closed’ or simple fractures and  ‘open’ or compound fractures, with cyclists often sustaining multiple fractures to the same limb.

Although some fractures will heal without the need for surgery, severe fractures such as a complex compound fracture, may require surgery, followed by intense physiotherapy.

Awards for fracture injuries vary depending upon the severity and duration of the symptoms.

If you’ve suffered a fracture as a result of a cycling accident, it’s important your legal representative obtains expert evidence from specialist orthopaedic surgeons.

At Cycle Law Scotland, we work closely with some of the best specialist orthopaedic surgeons in Scotland.

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