Unluckiest cyclist in Scotland

It’s always sad for us to have repeat customers, and whilst we are always pleased to hear from them again, we just wish that it wasn’t because they’ve had another accident.
Our Aberdeen based cycling solicitor, Roz Boynton, had already dealt with two cases for Derek, a keen cyclist based near Fraserburgh, who was the victim of two unusual ‘hit and run’ incidents when out on his training rides on his Giant TCR Advanced Pro bike. Those incidents happened in 2021 and 2023 and we were able to successfully pursue claims against the drivers responsible purely as Derek had recorded each incident on his action camera. You can read about his previous two accidents here and here.
However, in June 2023, he called to ask us to represent him as he had been injured in another cycling incident. He had been cycling on the A952 near the Cortes Junction, Aberdeenshire, when a car pulled out from a junction to his right and drove straight into him. Derek was thrown onto the bonnet before landing on the road and suffering injury to his right side.  At least this time, the driver stopped and made sure that Derek was OK. The incident was captured once again on his trusty action camera.

Similar to his previous incidents, this one happened in broad daylight with good sight lines. Derek had been wearing a yellow fluorescent yellow high viz vest and a high viz backpack. He had lights operating on his bicycle. He literally couldn’t have made himself any more visible if he tried.
Derek suffered soft tissue injuries to his right side but his trusty bike, which had survived the previous two incidents needing only some minor repairs, had a cracked frame and was written off. We were able to secure an early acceptance of liability for Derek and an interim payment for a replacement frame and all his damaged kit (including the action camera as the screen broke in the collision but still managed to record the incident). Shortly, thereafter, we received a full settlement in respect of his injuries.  Derek is now shopping for a new bike.
We very much hope that this is the last time that Derek needs our help and that his new bike brings many happy, safe and uneventful miles.


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