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During Covid-19 we have become more vigilant when it comes to sharing space with others. We need to translate that concept and start safely sharing space on our roads. Presumed liability is the key.

Published on:2020-06-10

Commentary on the settling of this case, the court process and associated costs. Brief discussion around insurance for cyclists.

Published on:2020-02-25

Presentation to NE Scotland cyclists -"Cycling in the North East - Collisions, Compensation & Civil Law."

Published on:2019-09-04

If injured, you've one chance to claim so ensure you have the correct person to fight your corner - a specialist lawyer with requisite knowledge and expertise. Best way to secure such a lawyer is to retain that choice and instruct your own.

Published on:2019-07-08

Legislation is needed now to protect at-risk road users. Road safety must be improved if more people are to be persuaded to walk or cycle instead of using the car.

Published on:2019-05-13

It is important to consider both criminal and civil law when seeking to modernise legal system for cycling collisions.

Published on:2018-11-19

This blog is about how Insurance companies have presented arguments in Courts in relation to personal injury claims and specifically in relation to contributory negligence.

Published on:2018-07-11

The current disconnect between Criminal and Civil law has to change so that the victim is protected as opposed to the accused. Presumed liability has an important role to play in making that happen.

Published on:2018-05-29

Victim’s story highlights the shortcomings of the current fault-based system, as she comes through 18 month nightmare

Published on:2016-12-12

A cyclist has secured £17,000 in damages after a van pulled across his path, despite the driver’s attempts to discredit his version of events.

Published on:2016-05-25
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