£1500+ raised for Cycle for Carers

Cycle for Carers Donation TotalQuite early on during the Covid 19 pandemic, it was recognised that face coverings of some kind could provide a degree of useful protection in public places. Taking that on board, we decided to give away our branded cycling versatoobs to the cycling community and, in return, we simply asked the recipient for a small donation to Cycle for Carers. We are absolutely thrilled that so far we have managed to raise over £1500 for NHS Charities Together and, at the same time, have provided a little helping hand to our cycling community.
Talking of helping hands, when PPE was in short supply in the early days of lockdown, Hass Peymani, a former client, contacted us. Hass had been knocked off his bicycle at a roundabout near Haddington and we settled his case at the start of 2020. Recognising the urgent need for PPE, he told us he had used his compensation payment to start a new company called Screen and Shield offering a wide range of face masks.Hassan Peymani Founder of Screen and Shield
We know that face coverings and masks are going to be with us for some time to come, especially with the announcement today that face coverings will be mandatory in shops.
We love the fact that one of our clients was able to use part of his settlement to build a new business and, importantly, support local charities at the same time with his philanthropic business model. We wish Hass all the very best in his new endeavour.
Covid 19 has brought us numerous demonstrations of solidarity towards the most vulnerable in our society and many businesses, large and small, have gone above and beyond to support their staff, the public and the healthcare system. We salute all the businesses and entrepreneurs who have made a positive impact since the lockdown by thinking of others before themselves.

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