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RTALS Activity Challenge Staff MembersTo coincide with European Mobility Week and National Air Ambulance week on 19th September, the specialist law firm, Road Traffic Accident Law (Scotland) LLP (RTALS), challenged its staff to take on a three week active challenge which would see them swim the equivalent of the English Channel (22 miles), walk and/or run the distance of the West Highland Way (68 miles) and cycle as far as John O’Groats to Land’s End (837 miles) – and they smashed it! 

Between the eight members of staff, they succeeded in swimming, walking and cycling more than 1,422 miles – getting fitter, healthier and by completing the challenge ensuring that the firm donated £1000 to Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance all at the same time.
RTALS offers specialist legal services to cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists via Cycle Law Scotland, Pedestrian Law Scotland and Motorcycle Law Scotland and Senior Solicitor, Jodi Gordon, felt that an "active challenge" was perfect for the team. Senior Partner, Brenda Mitchell, is delighted to see them now all reaping the health benefits. 
She said:
“Everyone was quite sensational. By changing a few old habits and introducing a bit more exercise into their day, the team exceeded all expectations and I’m delighted to hand over a cheque to the Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance for £1,000. 
“I’ve always loved being outdoors, am a passionate cyclist and I swim 100 lengths of the pool every day before work. I hope this challenge proved that it can be easier than you think to alter your routine. Our motivation was to complete the challenge and release funds for a very worthy charity who do a fantastic job and whom we are delighted to support, but the effects on everyone’s general well-being are immense and I’m convinced that the whole team will keep on walking, swimming and cycling.”
“We see a lot of emphasis being put on getting school children active during the school day which I fully support but you don’t often hear of employers challenging their staff to get active before,during or after the working day. 
Fiona Richardson (49), from Cardrona, is the Executive Assistant to the team and she walked more than 57 miles. She said: 
“I pledged to walk 4km a day and I absolutely busted it! It got me away from my desk at lunchtime and I did extra at the weekends. It certainly made me feel better and it pulled us together as a team as we constantly pushed ourselves to beat our targets.”
For 25 year old Steven McTaggart , a paralegal from Glasgow, it also meant saving money on taxis.

He said:
“I walked over 70 miles and most of that was because I began to take fewer taxis when I was out. So from 4 or 5 at the weekend, I would take just two. I soon realised that walking was just as easy to get around and increased my mileage by walking at lunchtimes. It has changed my mindset and I’m now going to the gym and doing some cycling also.”
RTALS is already looking forward to a Spring activity challenge and seeking ideas from its actively motivated workforce.

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