Working with the cycling community

Cycling Community

A Common Fact

If there’s one thing in common for ALL of our clients who have been injured in a road traffic collision on their bicycle, it's the fact that they just wished it hadn’t happened to them.

Getting both cyclist and bike back out on the road.

As specialist Lawyers, one of our prime goals is to get our clients back riding their bikes just as soon as possible. We know how important cycling is to them and how important their bikes are. Frequently we find an injured cyclist is as concerned about the post-crash condition of their bike as they are about themselves.

Scottish Network of over 200 cycling retailers/maintainers

We, of course, are concerned about both and will ensure we treat all loss and injury with respect and importance as part of the overall claims process. That is why we have established a network of over 200 bike shops across Scotland who can conduct a detailed assessment of a damaged bicycle and provide a report to enable us to recover the damage to the bicycle as part of the overall claim. Most cyclists have a local bike shop which they use and trust, so we will select that retailer to assist as they will probably already have some knowledge of the bike and its service history.

No financial risk or charges 

We will fund the cost of this report so there is no charge to the cyclist. Certified cytech trained bicycle technicians will determine whether the bicycle can be repaired and at what cost or whether the bicycle should be written off.

We will always argue that a carbon fibre framed bike should be replaced with new as one can never tell whether there has been internal damage that could compromise the frame in any way at a later date.

So, whilst we hope you’re never involved in a road traffic collision, if you are, rest assured, we will not just look after you but also your bike and ensure that you can both be reunited, fit and well, and back out on the Scottish roads together as soon as possible.

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