Damaged Bike Assessments and why they are important

Damaged Bike Assessment Report

Often the first thing our clients will say to us at the start of a claim is, “I just want to get my bike fixed”. As cyclists, we all love, cherish and look after our two-wheeled friends so if they are damaged as a result of someone else’s negligence, you will want to be sure that they will be valued correctly and repaired to the highest standard possible.

That's why Cycle Law Scotland uses independent cycling retailers across Scotland to carry out damaged bicycle assessments on our client’s bikes following a road traffic collision.

The claims process is relatively simple. Once you are back on your feet, we instruct your local bike shop to carry out a full and detailed inspection of your bicycle. They then provide us with a report which notes the damage, condition and the cost of any replacement parts. We then submit this report to the third party insurers along with a request that they meet the cost of repair or replacement in full.

We use your local bike shop to ensure that your bike is valued fairly and correctly by expert cytech trained mechanics. The real importance of the bike assessment is that it acts as irrefutable evidence when claiming for the cost of repairing your bike. The assessment is entirely independent and as such, the other side often concedes and accept the bike assessment valuation in full.

This ensures that you can repair or, in some cases, replace your pride and joy and get back to cycling when you are ready without worrying about costly repair bills.

Unlike other Personal Injury Law firms, Cycle Law Scotland won’t take a percentage of the payment you get for your bicycle or cycling kit. Our firm’s policy is to ring-fence this so that you get 100% of the cost of replacing your bicycle and cycle clothing ensuring you can get back to what you love doing when the time is right.

Thomas Mitchell - Trainee Solicitor

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