Free face protection versatoobs

CLS Buff acting as a face protectorJust over a week ago, a friend of Cycle Law Scotland sent us a picture of himself wearing his Cycle Law branded versatoob on his way to work as a doctor in an NHS hospital in Fife. The photo coincided with the Scottish Government announcement that wearing a face covering in certain circumstances was to be recommended.

That gave us a bright idea. Why not run a little competition on our social media channels where we would give away 10 of our branded Cycle Law Scotland versatoobs.

Such was the response to the idea overnight, that we decided the next day to change the number we would give away to 100. 

The versatoobs are free and can be used as a face covering in certain situations. Within 30 minutes of launching the competition which simply required responders to 'like' and 'share' our post, we received over 500 requests across our social media for the versatoobs.

Rather than disappoint all those who responded and who will clearly benefit from wearing the versatoob, not just when cycling but also in shops and supermarkets, we have now decided to give away 500!

One small logistical problem is that the 100 versatoobs were the last of our stock and our new order won’t be with us for 3-4 weeks.

Rest assured, we have contacted all those who have requested one and explained the position. Everyone has been so supportive and understanding. Many have wanted to pay for the versatoobs or donate to a good cause. We know that times are hard with many workers on furlough but we have suggested making a small donation to our Cycle for Carers campaign to benefit NHS Together Charities. Our NHS and frontline workers are doing a sterling job and it's our way of supporting them.

At CLS, we have always taken a keen interest in our cycling community. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and thankfully encouraged in these strange days. Stay safe and have a versatoob on us. We may even have a few more to give away over the coming months as face protections are going to be with us for some time to come. Just keep an eye on our social media pages.

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