Case Studies

Case studies are often helpful so that injured cyclists can relate to what has happened to other cyclists, whether their circumtances were similar to your own, how their cases were handled and the eventual outcome.

Driver claimed cyclist ran the red. Cyclist and red traffic light

Motorist claimed that the cyclist ran the red. Read more >>>

Driver refuses to provide insurance details. Car registration

Driver refused to provide insurance details. Read more >>>

Spurious accusations.

Spurious accusations lead to delay in compensation payments. Car pulls across cyclist's path but is subsequently accused of going through a red light Read more >>> Cyclist


MIB pay out. MIB

MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau) pay out for uninsured driver. Read more >>>

Hit from behind. Hit from behind locus

Hit from behind. Read more >>>

Social media helps find dangerous driver. Facebook logo

Driver cuts across cyclist but only leaves name. Injured cyclist tracks him down on FaceBook. Read more >>>

Former World Champion BMX rider. BMX Rider

Former BMX rider, Dagmara Polokova was knocked off her bike at a roundabout. Unfortunately, the motorist who was initially helpful, suddenly started to become very unhelpful and denied liability. Read what happened here >>>

A car pulls out at a junction. Link to case study

A triathlete is out for a training ride on his carbon fibre racing bike when a car pulls straight out at a junction and into his path. Read more >>>

Cyclist gets 'doored' and then accused of speeding. Dooring Locus

A cyclist is knocked off his bike when a car driver opens his door but insurer refuses to settle his claim saying he had been speeding. Read more >>>

Driver injures cycling couple but denies responsibility. Smashed rear windscreen

A couple who had just taken up cycling to keep fit had a nasty experience when a passing car pulled in front of them suddenly braking and causing Mr S to smash into the rear window. Read what happened to his wife and what the car driver said. >>>

No Criminal prosecution despite serious injury. Trongate

A cyclist is seriously injured when a car driver pulls across his path. Despite being charged with careless driving by the attending Police Officer, the Crown office decide to waive the charge. Read more to see what was said. >>>

Link to Case Study73 yr old cyclist is badly injured when knocked off by a lorry passing too close.

The driver of a lorry fails to give a cyclist requisite room when passing causing him to fall off and badly injure himself. Read more >>>


Dog knocks cyclist off his bike causing serious injury. Dog knocks off cyclist

A dog rushes out knocking a cyclist off his bike causing serious injury. Read what happened and how we progressed his compensation claim against the dog's owners. >>>


Police fail to report accident which caused serious injury to a cyclist. Colin McIntyre Accident Locus

A cyclist is badly injured when a taxi pulls across his path but the Police fail to report it to the Procurator Fiscal. Read what happened >>> 


Hit from behind by a minibus. Alex Gibson on bike

Alex Gibson was knocked from his bike by a minbus driver who told the Police that Alex had veered into his path. Find out what really happened. >>>


Photographs are invaluable. Post crash positioning of 3rd party

Taking photographs at the scene of a crash are invaluable as Walter's case highlights. Read what happened >>>

Police Scotland trace source of diesel spill.Accident Locus (Diesel spill cleaned up)

Cyclist injured following fall due to diesel has Police Scotland to thanks for tracing the source. Read more here >>>

Taxi driver takes out cyclist.

A taxi driver takes offence at a cyclist and knocks himLondon Road, Glasgow off his bike but loses his licence and his livelihood for 2 years as a result. Read the story here 

Insurance claim highlights "David v Goliath" system.Scratch to BMW

Dooring incident becomes tricky when driver creates false scratch on car in an effort to deny liability. Read more >>>

Expansion joint proves to be a hazard.Expansion Joint

David was thrown from his bike after coming into contact with a metal expansion joint which the Judge viewed to be a hazard the Council should have removed. Read the full story >>>

Driver denies liability.

South Gyle Accident LocusGail was cycling her bike in Edinburgh Park when she was suddenly hit from behind by a car as she approached a roundabout. Read Gail's full story here >>>

Police driver charged with careless driving.

Accident Locus - Dumbarton RoadPeter was established on a roundabout when an unmarked Police car entered without giving way and collided with him. Read more here >>>

Cyclist's hand signals ignored by bus driver.

Dundee Street Accident LocusCelia put our her arm to indicate that she wished to turn right but her signal was not seen by the bus driver. Read on to see what happened next >>>

Anti-Skid surface causes cycling crash and injury.

Anti skid surface - Craigleith Cycle PathEdinburgh based Chris Reid was cycling to work early one morning when he came across a newly resurfaced part of the cycle path. However, the "anti-skid" surface was more like a skating rink resulting in him crashing from his bike. Read the full story and how City of Edinburgh Council responded here >>>

Serious injury following near miss 

Link to case studyRichard suffers a serious injury when a lorry pulls out in front of him and he has to take evasive action causing him to lose control and fall off his bike. Read the full story >>>

29% increase in payout from insurer thanks to Cycle Law Scotland.

John was knocked off his bike at a junction and was injured.John Shrawhorn Collision Locus The driver admitted liability but the insurer tried to undersettle the case. Read what happened >>>

A roller coaster ride to justice.

PotholeDavid experienced a roller coaster ride before successfully claiming compensation from the Council when his bike entered a very deep pothole and he was thrown to the ground suffering multiple injuries. Read his story here >>>

Current justice system for vulnerable road users doesn't work.

Jennifer WallaceCyclist, Jennifer Wallace, spent her 49th birthday in Intensive care after a 78 year-old driver caused her to fall off her bike. Jennifer sustained ten broken bones in her neck and spine, fractured ribs, a collapsed lung and a significant head injury. Read her story here >>>


Deliberate sudden braking causes cyclist to collide with the rear of the vehicle.

Collision LocusAn initial verbal altercation between a car driver and a cyclist leads to a subsequent incident where the car driver suddently braked causing the cyclist to collide with the rear of the vehicle. Read the full story here >>> 


Cyclist receives full damages settlement as driver pulls out without looking.

Junction Collision LocusBrian suffered a nasty injury to his right leg when a car driver pulled out from a junction and collided with him. Despite Brian riding with no lights, he was awarded full damages because the driver was looking in the opposite direction and there was no evidence to show that Brian had not been visible. Read the full story >>>


Taxi pulls out in front of Andrew and is caught on headcam.

A taxi pulls out from a junction without looking and knocks Andrew from his bicycle. The incident isAndrew Spasic Collision Locus caught on headcam and the driver admits liability. However, his insurer refuses to provide a sensible offer. Read the full story >>>


Railway bridges can be hazardous for cyclists.

First bridge repairJoe, a keen recreational cyclist, fell from his bicycle as he crossed an old railway bridge that had been incorporated into a cycle path in the Midlothian area. His Trade Union nominated solicitor turned down the case as they thought his chances of success were small, so he came to Cycle Law Scotland to see if we could help him. Read the full story >>>


Spot the sign.

Improved road sign with cones and 2 way Not all cases that we investigate involve collisions with motor vehicles. There are times when cyclists fall foul of inappropriate road signage and road surface defects. Read what happened to Jim and how we successfully settled his claim against Scottish Borders Council. The full story can be found here >>>


Actual v Recollection can be very different.

Ewan was cycling home in Aberdeen when a car suddenly pulled across hisKing Street Accident Locus path at a junction. He could not avoid it and was injured when he fell from his bike. The car driver initially tried to fob him off with an incorrect registration number but Ewan's headcam video provided the evidence that was needed to settle his claim. Read the full story here >>>


Caught on camera.

John was cycling to work when a car decided to cut the corner giving himRussell Road Edinburgh nowhere to go. Fortunately, John was wearing a headcam and recorded the incident. Read the full story here >>>


Insurer takes advantage of cyclist's memory loss.

Douglas Guy Accident LocusDouglas was cycling home from work when a car driver pulled straight across his path. He woke up in hospital and had no recollection of what had happened. Fortunately there were some witnesses who were able to help the Police. The car driver's insurer refused to admit liability and would not release an interim payment prior to the criminal trial. Read the full story here >>>


MIB Untraced Drivers' Agreement pays out for Frank

Locus for Frank's dooring from a car driverFrank was knocked off his bike when a driver opened his door into his path. Unfortunately, due to the shock and confusion caused by the incident, Frank never got the driver's car registration number nor his insurance details. Thankfully, CLS advised him that a claim for his injuries could still be progressed under the Motor Insurer's Bureau Untraced Drivers' Agreement. Read the full story here >>> 


Car driver clips cyclist's rear wheel.

Harriett's Collision Locus - Edinburgh's TollcrossHarriett, stationery in a cycle lane next to the advanced stop line at a junction, cycles on when the lights change but suddenly has her rear wheel clipped by a driver pulling to the left. The car driver and, subsequently their insurer, refuse to admit liability and a lengthly battle ensues. Read the full story here >>>


Chain gang reaction.

Sally Nicol was badly injured when she fell off her road bike after colliding withSally Nicol's Collision Locus the rear wheel of the rider in front of her. They were riding in chain gang formation when he had to brake to avoid an HGV lorry which suddenly moved forward from the nearside verge into their path. Liability was not admitted by the Polish insurer and the case ended up in the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court (ASSPIC). To find out the ruling by the Sheriff and understand the arguments, just follow this link>>>


Hit from behind leads to neurological issues.

A cyclist was cycling alone on the A77 in a Northerly direction between Kilmarnock and Fenwick Hit from behind A77 cycling incident when he was hit from behind by a car which did not give him sufficent space when passing. Initially, the injuries sustained did not appear to be too bad given the circumstances, but certain neurological issues started to manifest themselves which brought additional complications to the case. Read the full story here >>>


Car passenger causes dooring incident.

Dougie was cycling along Leith Street on a Summer's evening when a passenger of a car in the Dougie Hay- Mountain Biker outside lane suddenly opened the door into his path. Dougie immediately broke his right index finger and hit the door with his shoulder taking the full force. His bike was a "write-off' and he was faced with a battle with the driver's insurance company to secure compensation for his injury, damage and loss. Read the full story >>>


Racoon eyes reveal serious injury.

John was knocked off his bike at a roundabout. His serious head injury was not diagnosed at the Racoon Eyes - symptom of a head injury time but the 'racoon eyes' he developed and the change in his personality were clear signs that not all was well. Cycle Law Scotland took over his case from a firm of Solicitors in Glasgow who were not specialists. A consultant neurologist was instructed and reported on the full extent of John's injuries. John's case was finally settled for 4 times the £12000 sum opined by an Advocate prior to Cycle Law Scotland taking over the case. Read John's full story and find out how Brenda Mitchell helped him. >>>

Criminal convictions may not be successful but Civil claims can be.

Stuart was involved in a hit and run incident on his bicycle as he was riding to an evening class. It Biggar Street - Glasgowwas a clear, warm and dry evening. The case was reported to the Procurator Fiscal but it was decided there was insufficient evidence to proceed against the driver. The Civil claim was a different story, however, especially when Cycle Law became involved. Read the full story >>>


MIB Agreement change uncovered.

Kieran was involved in a hit and run incident on his bicycle in June last Kieran Poweryear. He was cycling home from work on London Road in Edinburgh. The third party vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction and suddenly turned across his path in order to enter a side road. Kieran attempted to take evasive action, but was unable to avoid colliding with the car. Read Kieran's full story>>>

Insurer's denies liability

This case is an example of how insurance companies can often dig their heels Ronnie Docherty Locusin and proceed with an alternative version of events. This can happen even with cases that appear ‘simple’ and ‘straightforward’ at the outset. Cycle Law Scotland were able to fund this case from start to finish on behalf of Ronnie to allow him the time and space to recover from his injuries and return to cycling. Read the full case study >>> 


Dooring incident in Aberdeen

Jonathan was cycling home from work along Market St, in Dyce, Aberdeen when a car driver opened Market Street, Dyce, Aberdeenhis door straight into his path resulting in him fracturing his clavicle, breaking two ribs and puncturing his lung. Read the full case study >>>


Life-changing incident

Andrea was cycling in Shetland when a van suddenly pulled out from a sideAndrea Hall Locus street and t-boned her. She suffered life-changing injuries and a long road to recovery. The claims process was also challenging but CLS held firm to ensure Andrea received a full and fair settlement. Read the full case study >>> 

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