Sensible Insurers agree quick settlement  

Powis Place - Incident Locus

Year round cycle commuter, Chris, was cycling to work in the early morning of 20 December 2018 on his Mango Point Blank single speed.  He was wearing high visibility clothing and had operating lights on his bicycle.  He was cycling straight through a traffic light controlled junction on Powis Place in Aberdeen.  Suddenly, a car travelling in the opposite direction turned right across his path and Chris was thrown over the bonnet of the car before hitting the road.   Chris sustained injuries to his hand, shoulder and knee and his bicycle was written off. 
Chris approached Cycle Law Scotland as he had heard about our specialist services in Aberdeen from a cycling friend of our Roz Boynton, Associate Solicitor.  We were able to immediately set up an appointment to meet with Chris and take full details of his accident and intimate his case to the Insurers of the driver that caused the incident. 
In this case, the Insurers acted promptly – admitting full responsibility for Chris’s accident within 10 days and making full payment in respect of his bicycle and damaged cycle wear.   We were also able to have Chris’s injuries assessed by our medical expert and agree settlement of his case within 3 months of our instruction. 
Chris was delighted with the outcome commenting, “Excellent & prompt support, very helpful for cyclist after crash.”

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