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On Wednesday 18 May 2016 at around 4.20pm, Ewan was cycling home from work travelling north on King Street in Aberdeen. He was cycling in the bus lane which is permissible for cyclists to use.

King Street in AberdeenTraffic was moving very slowly in the outside lane. He was on approach to the junction with University Road to his left when a car which had been travelling south proceeded to turn right across his path.

Ewan believed that the driver may have seen him at the last minute because she braked when she was right in front of him. Unfortunately, Ewan was unable to avoid a collision and collided with the front nearside of the vehicle. He sustained a variety of minor injuries.

The driver was apologetic at the scene but subsequently produced her own statement for her insurer which suggested that Ewan had cycled into her stationary vehicle and scratched her car. 

Scratch on car

She stated that the cyclist had been travelling at speed and had not been wearing any hi-viz clothing.

Fortunately for us, Ewan was wearing a headcam at the time and was able to provide the following footage.

On presenting this evidence to the insurer, they immediately agreed that their client had been at fault and settled the claim within a few weeks.

Ewan was delighted with the outcome and had this to say,

"I was cycling and was struck by a driver who drove into my path through a queue of traffic. I was fobbed off when attempting to get insurance details, so I contacted Cycle Law Scotland. Jodi and Brenda dealt with my claim professionally and I was awarded an appropriate level of compensation by the driver's insurance company. It is clear that staff at Cycle Law Scotland have a passion for all things two-wheeled, which results in a very personal service.Much appreciated. Thanks."


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