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Dog knocking cyclist off bike

Andrew was out for a cycle run with his friend. The route was familiar to him and involved a 20 mile loop from Giffnock to Newton mearns. Whilst cycling on the B road, a large German Shepherd dog escaped from a cottage and ran straight into his path knocking him from his bicycle.

Unfortunately, Andrew was seriously injured. He fractured his left collar bone, pelvis and ribs.

The owners of the dog had a policy of household contents insurance and they forwarded our letter to their insurers who admitted liability. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, we needed to wait until the client recovered completely before we could instruct an Orthopaedic surgeon. As soon as the medical evidence was available, the case was quantified and an offer in the sum of £18,000 was accepted within less than a year of receiving instructions. Andrew was delighted with the outcome and had this to say:

“I must say that I have been most impressed by your professional service. You have dealt with matters most diligently and I am sure you have got the best settlement for me. Even under the circumstances, it has been a pleasure dealing with you. You have dealt with matters most methodically and I have been impressed by the calm way in which you dealt with the matters; so even handed, never over raising my expectations, just keeping them realistic."

This case highlights that Cycle Law Scotland provides a most personal service to their injured clients and recognises that there are many circumstances whereby cyclists are injured through no fault of their own. Injuries can arise from hitting potholes, sliding on slippery road surfaces, particularly polished concrete and when dogs are not restrained. If a dog bolts out onto the road, then the owners are usually liable and under their household contents insurance policy will have public liability cover in place. Dogs have a pack hunting mentality and will always pick off the last rider in the peleton. So, if you see a dog ahead of you, make sure you are not the last one passing it!


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