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Collision Locus with Mercedes Box VanJohn was riding his bicycle home from work and was travelling south on the A713. It was a sunny evening in October and road conditions were dry. As John approached the Mosshill Industrial estate, he noticed a large Mercedes Box van approaching the junction from the estate onto the A713.

The speed at which the box van was approaching the junction struck John as odd as the vehicle seemed to be approaching rather quickly. He attempted to get eye contact with the driver and was sure he has seen him. As John passed in front of the van it suddenly pulled forward, knocking him off his bike and onto the north bound carriageway of the A713.

John sustained a fracture to his left collar bone and a fracture to a bone in his right foot. He also sustained numerous abrasions and lacerations.

The third party insurers admitted liability in this case and offered £8,500 which was well below what John deserved. Senior Solicitor, Jodi Gordon, advised John that his case was worth £11,000 and negotiated on his behalf with the insurer for an improvement on the initial offer.

After receiving the counter proposal of £11,000, the third party insurers advised that the highest they could possibly go was £9000.

Proceedings were then raised by Cycle Law Scotland in the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court to obtain the amount that John deserved. With the threat of litigation, the insurers agreed to settle the case at £11,000, the original proposed offer by Cycle Law Scotland pre litigation.

After the settlement John had this to say, "Many many thanks for your diligence and persistence in achieving a satisfactory outcome. You kept me informed at all times during the process and responded to any queries almost immediately."


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