Police fail to report accident which causes cyclist serious injury

Accident Locus for Colin McIntyre

Cyclist, Colin McIntyre, 48, was involved in a road traffic collision in September 2014 which left him unable to work for nearly a month.

A taxi turned into his path on Lauriston Place, knocking him off his bike, causing a fracture to his left elbow and a laceration injury to his lower right leg.

Despite being classified by the Police as ‘serious’ and the taxi driver clearly at fault, the incident was taken no further.

A competent and keen cyclist, Colin commuted the 10 mile journey to his work at HMRC on Bankhead Avenue from his home in Portobello two or three times a week. Colin was cycling in a cycle lane and wearing a helmet when the taxi cut across his path to turn right into Chalmers Street.

The driver was very apologetic and took him to hospital. There were witnesses.

The injury to Colin’s elbow required specialist physiotherapy and severely impacted on his everyday life.

He said: “My 10 year old daughter and I had a ritual every day where she would run and jump into my arms. We couldn’t do that and it was incredibly upsetting. Beyond that, not being able to drive or get around easily suddenly meant I couldn’t visit my elderly mother or help around the house with things like shopping.”

He added: “Despite the fact that the taxi driver executed a turn in front of me and I sustained serious injuries, the police simply suggested that we should sort matters out for ourselves.”

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