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Cycling collision circumstances

Celia was cycling along Dundee Street in Edinburgh on her hybrid bike with the intention of proceeding right up into Gilmore Park. She noticed that there was a bus travelling some distance behind her so she indicated that she wished to turn right by stretching out her right arm.

Celia indicating to move to the rightThe bus driver failed to notice this initial arm movement and continued to travel in a straight line as if to pass the cyclist. Celia returned both hands to her handlebars and began to execute her manoeuvre unaware that the bus was moving up alongside her. As a result, she collided with the side of the bus and fell from her bicycle sustaining soft tissue injuries to her right knee, a minor head injury and a wrist sprain. In addition, her bicycle was damaged and required repair work to be done to it.

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We intimated a claim to the insurers of the bus Company. We were sent still images from the CCTV footage, one of which can be seen above clearly showing Celia indicating with her right arm.

At the same time as sending the footage, the bus company denied liability which forced us to proceed with a Court action. Shortly after proceedings were raised, a settlement was agreed which Celia was delighted with.

Drivers of motor vehicles, vans and buses need to be aware of the vulnerability of cyclists and pedestrians and always give them room. The bus driver should have anticipated that the cyclist was wishing to turn right and should have kept a reasonable distance to allow her to execute this manoeuvre.

Celia was delighted with the outcome saying, “I would like to thank you all for your help with my case and I really appreciate it.”

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