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Peebles High Street

William was up visiting his family in Peebles in August 2013 when he went out for a cycle.

He was cycling on the High Street when a car impacted with the rear of his bike causing him to fall and sustain injury. William came to Cycle Law Scotland within 2 weeks of his accident with a view to seeking compensation for his injuries and for the damage to his bike and kit. As a result of the collision, he had sustained a fracture to his right arm as well as extensive soft tissue injuries. Furthermore, his bicycle had been written off, his helmet required to be replaced and he had to cancel a trip as a result of his injuries.

A claim was intimated against the third party insurers as soon as we became involved in the case. The insurers admitted liability early on however the offers they put forward in respect of William’s claim were very much on the low side. They refused to enter into negotiations for an increased offer.

William was therefore left with no alternative other than to raise a Sheriff Court action against the insurers. Cycle Law Scotland did this on William's behalf and in March 2015 an offer of £5,800 was accepted. The client was delighted with the final outcome.

It was unfortunate that the third party insurers and their Solicitors dragged out negotiations for as long as they did. Cycle Law Scotland however endeavoured to explore every avenue to make sure that we sought the best compensation possible for our client. There were several offers made along the way but Cycle Law Scotland used their expertise to push for an increased offer which was in line with what a Court would have been likely to offer.


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