Hit from behind

Mr B was riding his bicycle south on A6089 between Gordon and Kelso.

It was a bright day with good visibility and a dry road surface. He was struck from the rear by a bus and thrown from his bike onto the verge. He suffered multiple injuries. He was rendered unconscious and taken by ambulance to Borders General Hospital and was later transferred to Cycling accident LocusEdinburgh Royal Infirmary. Such was the force of the impact he sustained a fractured femur, a fracture to his back, bleeding from his liver, a chest injury, soft tissue injury to the right arm, dental injury and psychological trauma.

The driver was charged with section 3 careless driving but was found not guilty. We raised a civil action and the cyclist recovered damages in full. He was awarded a sum of £50,000.

As part of the claim process, we assisted the client’s recovery by insisting that the driver’s insurance company pay for rehabilitation at an early stage to help the client cope with the psychological trauma. This was a life changing event for the cyclist who thankfully did go on to make a full recovery.

Following upon settlement, Mr B wrote to us and said the following:

“Received your cheque today, many thanks. My wife and I would like you to know how much of a comfort it has been having you on our side and looking out for us over a difficult period. It has been a long time since the accident but this is now the final piece which will let us put it all behind us.”


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