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Mr S was involved in a cycling accident on his way to work in Perth.

He was proceeding on a main road when a car pulled out of a side street and into his path. With the name and number provided, we contacted the driver to ask for her insurance details. She was far from co-operative and unwilling to provide us with any information. She further maintained the cyclist had launched himself off a pavement and into her path! The matter was referred to the Police who made contact with her and within a month we had the required details to intimate a claim. 

Our client did not realise just how bad his injuries were due to the adrenaline following the accident. He had in fact sustained a possible small fracture to his left ankle. 

Within ten months we were able to secure an offer of £4,200 for his pain and suffering, wage loss, bike damage, loss of use of his bike and for the help and assistance provided to him by family member. He was very happy with the outcome particularly given the stance adopted by the un-cooperative driver at the outset.

If you are ever involved in a road traffic accident, we suggest you report it to your local police station or by calling 101. If you have been injured, the police should attend and thereafter the reporting officer must draft a report detailing the locus of the accident, parties involved, the make, model and registration number of the vehicle and importantly any insurance details.

Car registration plate If you are able to get one piece of information at the scene then the registration number of the  vehicle that caused the collision is important. If the driver is not co-operating with you or is getting aggressive take a quick photo on your phone or note it down. If you are injured and taken to hospital before being in a position to obtain the registration number, then the information will be held by Police Scotland if they have attended the scene and we can always request their report.


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