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Market Street, Dyce, Aberdeen

Jonathan was cycling home from work down Market Street, Dyce in Aberdeen early one evening in September 2017.

There was car to his left-hand side which had recently pulled in to park.

Suddenly, the driver’s door opened and caught Jonathan on his left-hand side. The impact caused his collar bone to fracture.

Police and paramedics were called to the scene and the driver admitted fault at the time.

Jonathan was taken by ambulance to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. As well as his left clavicle fracture, he also sustained fractures to two ribs down the left-hand side which lead to a punctured lung.

Jonathan remained an in-patient in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for 7 days. This allowed time for his lung to inflate and also for metalwork to be inserted into his clavicle to assist with the healing of the bone.

Jonathan was riding a Focus Culebro road bike at the time of the dooring incident and it was badly damaged in the collision. It was examined by the Edinburgh Bike Co-Op in Aberdeen and considered to be not economically repairable.

Cycle Law Scotland helped Jonathan recover damages for his injuries, his damaged bike, his helmet, his clothing and also loss of earnings.


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